School of Impact

Living Faith School of Ministry offers 4 modules for students to choose from. Each module has 5 courses, and over 30 hours of teaching.

The 3rd Module is the School of Impact.

Do you long to have more impact in the world? Are you hungry to be used by God? When was the last time you prophesied, healed the sick or experienced the supernatural in a fresh in new way? Well, your moment has come. In this school, Apostle Weekes will show you how to do all those things. You will also discover how to:

Activate Kingdom revelations.
Develop the mindset of a winner.
Stir up the gifts of the Spirit and bring healing to your world.

Sign up today! Your future in God is bright! The courses included are:

  • The Wonders of the Spirit.
  • School of the Prophets: Contending for the Kingdom
  • The Mindset of the Apostolic.
  • Understanding Your Divine Purpose.
  • The Spirit of Faith.
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