School of Miracles

Living Faith School of Ministry offers 4 modules for students to choose from. Each module has 5 courses, and over 30 hours of teaching.

The 2nd Module is the School of Miracles.

In this module, you will discover how the seed and nature of miracles are already in you because God is the God of miracles, and He is your Father. Therefore, it is in your nature to subdue, dominate, and do wonders in the earth today.

In this school, Apostle Weekes will teach you the principles of faith for the miraculous, and also how to become activated into a lifestyle of the supernatural. Remember, in order to do this, faith is a must, because it is the victory that overcomes the world. There is nothing under Heaven that cannot be subdued by it. Your life will be changed as you take this module.

Welcome to the School of Miracles! Welcome to your Future!

  • Kingdom Prayer
  • Miracles, Signs & Wonders
  • Apostolic Government.
  • The Exploits of Faith &
  • School of the Prophets.
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