School of Success and Achievement

Living Faith School of Ministry offers 4 modules for students to choose from. Each module has 5 courses, and over 30 hours of teaching.

The 4th Module is the School of Success and Achievement.

Did you know that you are one of a kind, uniquely formed by God?

Are you aware that God has created you to be a success and continually increase in life? The Bible tells us that God called you to be one thousand times more than all your mentors. One thousand times more in Intelligence, Wisdom, Influence, and Productivity. But just like crude oil has to be refined, we also have to be refined, so our true value can be realized.

In this module, Apostle Weekes will share valuable insight on how to cultivate and harness the best possible you. Do you have a desire to do any of the following:

Be more competent,
Set bigger goals,
Double your productivity,
Locate and increase your earning potential
Become a better leader
or Change your internal thermostat?

If your answer is yes, than these courses are for you. Get ready to soar in life by reshaping your mindset. The courses included are:

  • Understanding Your Divine Purpose
  • How to Reprogram Yourself for Success
  • How to fulfill your Financial Destiny
  • The Anointing for Success
  • The King and You in Business &
  • Living the Abundant Life
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